Amiga 500 eaten alive! -

posted at 2013-03-21 10:36 by Brian J Hoskins

21/03/2013 22:36:42 Brian J Hoskins

I’m having some fun messing around with a few of my old retro computers at the moment and, inspired by EEV Blog’s recent teardown and successful boot of a 25 year old Amiga 500 I decided to get my old girl down from the attic and give her a go.

Unfortunately my attempts were rather less successful! I was met with the dreaded blinking power LED and a continuous cycle of repeated resets.  Drat.  What could possibly have gone wrong after a mere quarter of a century?

A quick look under the cover revealed the very obvious culprit:

Amiga A500+ Battery Leakage
More Amiga A500+ Battery Leakage







Also, rather bizarrely, the battery fuelled corrosion seems to have spread all the way over to poor old FAT AGNUS!

FAT AGNUS battery leakage










It seems like this may be terminal for my trusty old Amiga 🙁 but I will break out the old toothbrush over the weekend and see if I can clean her up a bit.  With a bit of luck a good clean will see her up and running again.  Wish me luck!


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